Dr. McGuire has three books available.

  • The first book is entitled, “The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing the Baldrige Criteria: Improve Revenue and Create Organizational Excellence.” Denis Leonard is the co-author. The book is available at and This book is an executive guide explaining the advantages, disadvantages, and considerations of adopting the Baldrige Criteria as your business model.
  • The second book is, “Leadership Helping Others to Succeed: In-Depth Interviews with America’s Top Leadership Experts.” Co-authors include Dr. Warren Bennis, Representative Pat Schroeder, and Senator George Mitchell. Dr. Mac wrote a chapter. This book is available at In his chapter, Dr. Mac discusses the need for organizational and individual strategic planning.
  • The third book is, “Beacons of Light on Leadership:19 Tips and Techniques for your Success! or This book is a compendium of over 3,500 books and 38 years of leadership experience and teaching.

Signed copies are available with Dr. Mac’s signature in the front for organizations to use in a book study or for individual preference. Contact us at with your request.

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